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HongFeng spirit:
Honesty is his life, is the magic weapon of service, efficiency is that the first conviction

HongFeng Purpose:
Quality win world brand

HongFeng Quality Policy :
In the most economical way, reliable quality, excellent services and good customer satisfaction

Staff concepts:
Love and dedication, innovation, self-discipline

Staff guidelines:
Enter the job and forget himself; According to regulations on plastic image
Into teamwork and loyalty; Study hard, without Mody dedication

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Company Name :Cangzhou Hongfeng Precision Casting Co.,Ltd.

      Address :Niangniangmiao Industries Area,Nanhuan

      District Cangzhou,Hebei,China

      Cell phone :13303176526

      Tel :0317-2051877  2120955  2059062

      Fax :0317-2120700


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  Niangniangmiao Industries Area,Nanhuan District Cangzhou,Hebei,China   Tel:0317-2051877 2120955 2059062   

  Fax:0317-2120700   Management